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The Train 2 Compete program is tailored to an athlete's specific goals reflective of his/her age, sport, medical history, and training experience. This customization results in a well-trained, injury-resistant athlete competing at his/her maximum potential season after season, year after year.

With guidance from our Sports Performance Coaches, each athlete has the ability to create a personalized training schedule from the following program options:

Strength Training (ST)

The foundation of athletic performance and injury prevention begins with the development of stability, mobility and strength across all joints and throughout an athlete's movement patterns. Each API athlete will follow an individualized strength training program reflective of chronological age, gender, sport, medical history and training experience.

Each Strength Training (ST) session will emphasize:

 Core Stabilization  Muscular Strength and Endurance 
 Strength Training  Injury Prevention 
 Multi-Directional Agility  Training Form and Technique 

Speed Development (SD)

Speed, a measure of how fast an athlete can sprint short distances, will be trained and enhanced as consistent part of a well-rounded training program. Improvements in stride length, stride frequency, sprinting technique and fast-twitch muscle ratios will enable each athlete to achieve his/her maximum speed potential.

Each Speed Development (SD) session will emphasize:

 Dynamic Flexibility First Step and Acceleration
 Sprinting Form and Technique Speed Endurance

Directional Change (DC)

Directional Change (Agility) occurs in all planes of motion: side-to-side, forward-to-backward, backward-to-forward, 45°, 90°, 180°, 360° and every ° and direction in between. An athlete trained to make a quick and efficient directional change will improve in all phases of sport performance.

Directional Change (DC) session will emphasize:

 Acceleration and Deceleratiom Multi-Directional Agility
 Dynamic Flexibility Foot Speed and Quickness


2023 Fall Program

WHO? Athletes (ages 14-18)
WHEN? 2024 Winter (January 2 - February 29, 2024)

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 All athletes must hold an ACTIVE session package to participate in any listed Train 2 Win session. Each session package holds a 90-day window to be utilized starting from the day of purchase. Each athlete must hold their own session-package, and cannot share with any other athlete.

For more information on API’s Train 2 Compete program, contact Danny Locklear at or (443) 343-0133.



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