Train To Perform

API’s Train 2 Perform program is a natural progression from the Train 2 Play program incorporating a progressive introduction to age-appropriate strength training primarily using the athlete's bodyweight, resistance tubing, and medicine balls. At this age, the window of athletic opportunity is wide-open. Athletes are developmentally ready to learn overall motor skills that are the cornerstones of athletic development and future athletic achievement. "Learning to Train" in a FUN, positive environment.

Each 60-minute Train 2 Perform training session will emphasize:

 Core Stabilization  Strength Training
 Multi-Directional Agility   Sprinting Form and Technique
 Core Stabilization
 Strength Training
 Multi-Directional Agility
  Sprinting Form and Technique

2022 Fall Program

WHO? Athletes (ages 10-13)
WHEN? 2022 Fall (September 5, 2022 - December 29, 2022)

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For more information on API’s Train 2 Perform program, contact Danny Locklear at or (443) 343-0133.



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