Train to Play

For many of our young athletes, our Train 2 Play program is their first opportunity to experience “sports performance training” compared to “sport skill practice”. At this age, fundamental movement skills should be practiced, learned, and repeated. The development of these overall motor skills, using a FUN and positive approach, will contribute greatly to future athletic achievements. Scientific research demonstrates that athletes at this age are primed for new information laying the foundation of trainability for long-term athletic development.

Each 60-minute Train 2 Play training session will emphasize:

  • Multi-Directional Agility
  • Athletic Coordination
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Balance and Proprioception
  • Sprinting Form and Technique
  • Plyometrics
 Multi-Directional Agility
 Athletic Coordination
 Dynamic Flexibility
 Balance and Proprioception
 Sprinting Form and Technique

2023 Fall Program

WHO?  Athletes (Ages 7-9)

2023 Fall (September 5 - December 28, 2023)

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 All athletes must hold an ACTIVE session package to participate in any listed Train 2 Win session. Each session package holds a 90-day window to be utilized starting from the day of purchase. Each athlete must hold their own session-package, and cannot share with any other athlete.

For more information on API’s Train 2 Play program, contact Danny Locklear at or (443) 343-0133.



Train 2 Play Sports Performance


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